Beck’s Record Club Releases Third Project

beck22Record Club is a casual meeting of various musicians started by Beck.  The artists get together informally to record an album in one day. The group chooses an album to reinterpret. They rehearse nothing and there is no premeditated arrangement.  The musicians get together, record a track, and it is posted up at BECK.COM once a week.  The songs are rough  and often first takes.  But, don’t expect them to become polished.  The group only wants to play music, document what happens, leave their fingerprints on an existing work, and hope it causes you to seek out the original tracks.  Record Club has so far done The Velvet Underground and Nico and Songs of Leonard Cohen.

Their third project is up now, and it is a rendering of Skip Spence’s classic folk album, Oar.  The group that reworked this album includes Beck, Wilco, Feist, and Jamie Lidell.  You can hear the first track “Little Hands” now at BECK.COM.  A new track will be released every Thursday in the same order as the original album sequence.  The session took place at Sunset Sound Studios in the same room where The Rolling Stones recorded most of Exile on Main Street.