Butch Walker Live at 7 Stages Theater in Atlanta

Butch Walker Live in AtlantaCommensurate with the changing face of music over the last few decades, Atlanta’s Butch Walker has grown as a musician, songwriter, and producer who has adapted with the times while staying in touch with himself and fans through transparent songwriting and memorable melodies

The unique tour features four nights in intimate venues with 3 of the 4 nights comprised of complete performances of the solo records “Letters”, “The Rise and fall of Butch Walker and the Let’s go out Tonights”, and “Sycamore Meadows”. One of the nights is reserved for a bit of a potluck night featuring artist and fan choices.

Many of those in attendance accompanied the artist on each of the four nights of the performances to experience the full solo catalog of the artist in an intentionally intimate and introspective format.

Butch Walker

Given his heritage, it is appropriate then that this tour end in Atlanta with four sold out nights performing for longtime fans and friends of which many a lyric references the city Butch calls home. This night’s album featured “The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the let’s go out Tonight’s”. Throughout the evening, references were made to the positive place in which the artists head was during the songwriting process for this record. Of all material Walker has produced, this is perhaps the one record in which I never quite “got it”. Performed live, and with much between song commentary, the album takes on more meaning and offers a translucent perspective of the artist and the songs. Opening with “Oooh.. Aaah…” and transitioning into “Hot Girls in Good Moods” to “Ladies and Gentlemen”, the performance was upbeat and energetic as the artist continued the album mostly center stage on electric guitar. As the night went on the performance would at times include a full band or the artist solo on guitar and piano, while laying down the drums from a bass drum positioned to his right. The extended intro of “Dominoes” written about the artist’s grandparents lifelong relationship, was touching.

Butch Walker and the Lets go out Tonight's

The evening continued with the remainder of the album’s songs delivered well including “Song without a chorus”, the honky tonk inspired “Rich people die unhappy” and “When Canyons Ruled the City”.

Review and Photos by Allen Ross Thomas

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