Dangerous New Machine at Wild Bills

Born from the established professional ranks of Stereomud, Fozzy, and Stuck Mojo, Dangerous New Machine combines rock, alternative, and heavy metal into a unique and powerful style all their own. The massive Wild Bill’s stage and a large crowd made for an exceptional showcase of the bands collective and individual talents that is amplified even further by their live performance.

As the lights went down, Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” provided an appropriate intro to the set which exploded with the fan popular “Skeletons” which demonstrates the bands alternative rock style with raspy versus and clean soaring choruses. By the end of the second song, venue waitstaff approached asking the name of the artist – always a good sign. With the crowd fully engaged by the energetic and charismatic frontman Erik Rogers, the band broke into an obscure and surprisingly well delivered heavy metal-ish rendition of T-Pain’s “Apple Bottom Jeans” which brought on the rave vibe from a largely rock and roll crowd.

Next, the band delivered some personal transparency through “I wish” and then continued the evening with hard hitting arrangements demonstrating the drum and bass prowess of Rodney Beaubouef and Randy Reider while the relentless guitar chops of lead guitarist Billy Grey wailed and crunched over the top.

A cover of Salt and Peppa’s “Push It” provided another crowd pleasing moment while also demonstrating the bands versatility as performers and musicians setting up the perfect contrast to the bands closing songs of the set.

The night ended with the bands popular singles “Burn” followed by their sing along anthem “What’s Your Name”. This provided an appropriate closure to the bands powerful and captivating set. While the lengthy ovation warranted an multi-song encore – the band is saving that for their debut album due in March with a series of local and national release performances.

More of Dangerous New Machine can be found on the artists official site: www.dangerousnewmachine.com

Review and Photos by Allen Ross Thomas

About Allen Ross Thomas

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