Tom Petty vs. Politicians Round 2

Rock legend Tom Petty has had to put the brakes on political candidates before that have tried to use his music without his permission, and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman just joined that list.  Bachman, who has already had a rocky start to her presidential bid, was issued a letter to cease and desist from playing Petty’s “American Girl,” at her rallies. Hillary Clinton used the same song when she sought the Democratic nomination in 2008. Petty didn’t object to her use, but did put his foot down in 2000, when George W. Bush was using “I Won’t Back Down,” at his rallies.

Jackson Browne, John Mellencamp, and Heart are a few other artists that have butted heads with politicians for using unauthorized music at their rallies and in commercials supporting campaigns they have no interest in being a part of.

Who wouldn’t like coming onstage to a rally with an inspirational song ushering you in? Or enter a fight with “Eye of the Tiger,” playing. Presidential candidates and politicians have been using this technique in their rallies for a long time, but in the future they might want to get permission.