Marketa Irglova Premieres Video For “Go Back” Off Of New Solo Album

The premiere video for "Go Back" by Marketa Irglova was officially released today. "Go Back" is off of Anar, set to be released on October 11th. Anar is Irglova's first solo-recorded album after doing musical projects such as the Swell Season with Glen Hansard, the Oscar-winning duo, and premiering in the movie Once, also with co-star and Irish musician Glen Hansard. Irglova was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and there she fell in love and was classically trained in piano and … [Read more...]

Black Bond? Maybe, Just Don’t Say It That Way


Although just a rumor at this point, actor Idris Elba, best known for his time on The Wired, told NPR that he would consider taking the role if approached; only he wouldn’t like to be called “the first black James Bond”. … [Read more...]

Sylvia Robinson, the mother of Hip-Hop, passes away.

More terrible news for music icons, I'm afraid. Sylvia was well known for being on the front lines during the birth of Hip-Hop and rap, and is often credited (with the rest of the Sugarhill gang) for having the first ever rap hit with Rapper's Delight. Sylvia released her first album when she was only fourteen years old, and was soon snatched up by Columbia Records and paired with trumpet player Hot-Lips Page for several blues records, and later transferred to Savoy where she recorded with … [Read more...]

New Video: – Adele – Someone Like You


I have to be honest, I personally don't care much about music videos (that's a conversation for another day). But Adele is such a welcomed breath of fresh air, and I think everything she does is beautiful, including her new video for "Someone Like You," which you can watch below. Let us know what you think of the video in the comment section. … [Read more...]

Life Backstage Episode 1: Five Finger Death Punch


Welcome to the first episode of Life Backstage, featuring Five Finger Death Punch at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, AZ. The full-length episode is split into two parts and written below is what you can expect from our little show. … [Read more...]

Kellie Pickler Gets Ready For New Album Release And With It Shares A Painful Past

Small-town girl Kellie Pickler is getting ready for her new album Tough, which will be her third-studio album to be released. Pickler had a hard life growing up, and that comes through in this album. After being abondoned by her mother and raised by her grandparents since her father was in and out of jail and abusing drugs and alcohol, she is finally ready to let go of those emotions through her music. These incredibly intense memories come through in songs like "Mother's Day", written … [Read more...]

PJ Harvey to perform in front of U.K. Prime Minister

Double Mercury Prize winning singer-songwriter PJ Harvey will be performing songs from 2010's Let England Shake on BBC Television's The Andrew Marr Show - in front of incumbent U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. This will be Harvey's second performance in front of a British Premier, having performed an early version of the title track in front of former PM Gordon Brown on the same show (see the video HERE) one week before his loss to Cameron in the general election. The show will air on … [Read more...]

Video: Kings of Leon Shine at Vancouver Show


One small breakdown and hiatus later, Kings of Leon took the stage in Vancouver, and they sounded great. This was the first time the band has taken the stage since cutting their entire U.S. summer tour short. Jared Followil was clearly happy with the show according to his post on twitter after last night's show. "The Kings are back in business," he said. "Business is good. Really good. Vancouver got me all warm and fuzzy." In another post on Twitter, drummer Nathan Followill said, "Wow … [Read more...]