• http://micheallarsen.com/ Brady O’Rourke

    Incredible article. You clearly “get” him as an artist and appreciate that he wasn’t just an artist, he was a person. Thank you so much for sharing, if you want a list of his more off the beaten path releases, feel free to email me.


  • http://twitter.com/_timalove_ Fatima

    Great article! He said it best, “I don’t fcking love music, I just use it to escape.”

  • Matt

    Great article! But you didn’t mention his self-produced album, “The Many Faced Of Oliver Hart,” sometimes known as “How Eye One The Write to Think.” You should all check it out, it’s a fantastic listen for any Eyedea fan.


    • http://foxtalks.wordpress.com Matt Fox

      I am quite familiar with “The Many Faces of Oliver Hart” and enjoy it a lot! I stuck solely to E&A material for the article though, otherwise I would have gone deeper into Oliver Hart or even Face Candy and Carbon Carousel for that matter. I had to give myself some limits though, or else I would have written way more than people wanted to read! Awesome link, by the way!

  • http://bywayofbeauty.com Matt

    Great Article! But you missed “The Many Faces of Oliver Hart”, my favorite! There is a similar article on the philosophical nature of his work that you might enjoy – check it out at: