Podcast: Slip of the Tongue: Human Beings by Pyyramids

Podcast Episode 1(mp3 link)


00:50 – 10:45 – We discuss the Stone Roses reunion

10:45 – 22:15 – We question Alice Cooper’s recent claim that he is in fact “just a regular guy”, and discuss the “Alice Cooper Ride” at Los Angeles Universal Studios

22:15 – 30:45 – We discuss Noel Gallagher’s claim that “Any fucker can make dance music”, the evolving nature and inherent worth of dubstep and Noel’s future as an observational comedian

30:45 – 33:50 – The Gallagher’s are the scary parents at a parent teacher meeting

33:50 – 39:40 – LMFAO’s creative bankruptcy, the difference between UK and US clubs, The Black Eyed Pea’s and comparing dance music now to the 80′s

39:40 – 44:25 – I got the moves like Jagger.

44:25 – 1:00:30 – “Human Beings” by Pyyramids review

1:00:30 – 1:09:50 -What we’ve been listening to and shows we’ve been to

1:09:50 – 1:13:17 – We’re played off by “That Ain’t Right” by Pyyramids

    • http://www.facebook.com/sambirtt Sam Birtwistle

      Really good stuff. Possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard ever.

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