Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3. What can I say about Modern Warfare 3? I can say Activision’s MW3 sold 6.5million copies of the game within 24 hours and earned a nice $400 million. Coming into the Autumn I made a decision to buy Battlefield 3 instead of MW3 and I’m afraid I made a mistake and I’ll hold my hands up to that.

Campaign: Well to start, I will stick to my guns and say the original Modern Warfare was my favorite of the 3.That was, until I played the campaign of MW3. The campaign like every other campaign in the MW series is expertly written, full of twists and turns throughout. You play as ‘Yuri’ who is an ex Spetsnaz  for the most part but you find yourself playing as various other characters such as Delta Force operative Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook and SAS operative Sgt. Marcus Burns who are primary secondary characters. From Recon to Car chases to straight forward FPS, MW3 holds your attention throughout the entire campaign.  There is nothing to say MW3 couldn’t be remade as a movie and earn another $400million in a short period of time. From the beginning of the campaign when you’re in an airplane that gets hijacked as one of the Russian Presidents bodyguards, you find yourself back in the world of Modern Warfare. You take a world tour to London, Paris, Prague, New York, Berlin, Siberia and Dubai. Although MW3 is an immersive FPS you’re taken back by the various cut scenes that at times leave u shocked and after playing Modern Warfare since the first one was released in 2007 I had to pause it at one stage just so I could gather myself and press A on Resume. Unfortunately it can be a bit too chaotic at times and this can lead to trouble in the most difficult campaign yet. I found the enemies were easier to kill if you can hit them, but they were also that little bit more intelligent than the previous games. Playing on Veteran is sure to give any player a run for their money and if you’re new to shooters, stick to Regular difficulty. I won’t go into too much detail about the campaign as I feel it’s like a movie and it would ruin the experience for people if I did.

Special Ops: As any Call of Duty player knows. Modern Warfare is the call of duty with no zombies but its answer to this is Special Ops. In MW2 the Special ops had great missions that were fun to play, unfortunately I preferred the MW2 special ops. I felt a lot of the MW3 Special ops were the same, different mission but same idea. This doesn’t mean that the special ops in MW3 are bad, just that I preferred the ones in MW2. I’ll admit it’s great fun playing as a juggernaut but you don’t get that invincible feel, it’s harder to kill an AI juggernaut than it is to be killed when you play as one. Unlike MW2 which had no matchmaking, MW3 does and it only improves the whole system.  After you’ve finished the campaign and played multiplayer, you’re going to enjoy Special Ops and the challenge of getting the 3 stars in every mission and if you can’t do it alone don’t be afraid to call in some help or just find a random player online. The main new feature is ‘Survival’ where you must fight back wave upon wave of enemy troops, that get more difficult per round.

Multiplayer: The majority of people who buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will buy it for the multiplayer and to be fair, I don’t blame them. All I will say is don’t play the multiplayer if you are not experience with the game itself, as the multiplayer seems a lot harder this time around. Everyone seems quicker and smarter. I was disappointed with the new maps; I feel the maps are too small. There is no space for Snipers, this could be just me coming off playing Battlefield 3 but I doubt it. It seems if you want to be a sniper, you better learn to ‘Quickscope’. Killstreaks have been renamed Strike Packages, as you can now choose between Assault, Support or Specialist. Assault, ‘Your streak count resets upon death. Rewards punish the other team.’ Support, ‘Your streak count persists through death. Rewards support your team.’ Specialist, ‘Earn extra perks through your streak. The streak and rewards reset upon death.’ In my opinion Assault is for the average player who will get one chopper gunner every 3 games or so but will get 2 or 3 kills every life. The Support is for newer players or less able players; as if you get 14 kills in one round you’re awarded with a Stealth Bomber. Specialist is for a more advanced player who gets more kills without using Strike Packages. AND you can have a different killstr-, er Strike Package for each class slot. I can’t make up my mind on whether I like the new system or not. You can now access Theater, where you can watch your own previous games as well as your friends. Another new part of Modern Warfare 3 is the Elite mode. The one you have to pay for, as if paying 50 euro/dollars/pound wasn’t enough. They also make you pump more money into the game to get ‘Exclusive Extras’. But if you want to pay $49.99 a year you get several exclusives such as DLC’s earlier than everyone else, special clan tags and the ability to upload longer Theater videos. It’s a nice way of viewing your stats and an easy way to make a clan. Honestly that is everything Elite is and you won’t see me buying it.


*I would have give it a 10, but I felt Special Ops could have been better and the elite part of multiplayer gets on my nerves as it’s just another money grabbing technique. So go buy Modern Warfare 3! You won’t regret it!*


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