Drake Vs. Common Beef Escalates

Update: These two are still going at it in Rick Ross’s track “Stay Schemin”. Click here to listen.

Common’s verbally abrasive track “Sweet” off his new album The Dreamer/The Believer fires subtle shots at “singin’-ass” rappers. When approached during interviews about which rappers he’s targeting, he says “Whoever the shoe fits.” All shoes seem to be fitting Drake. It’s a good marketing tactic for his album; not only is Drake the number 1 “singin’ ass” rapper out right now, he’s also an artist that draws parallels between their respective styles.

In a recent performance in Las Vegas, Drake reportedly increased tensions by addressing Common on stage. “I might sing, but I ain’t no bitch.” said the Toronto rapper. “If Common got something to say, say it to my face.” Will Drizzy have to catch a body like that? A ridiculous situation indeed.

Not exactly sure if the often softened Common would be the one to really spark something with the sometimes equally if not more softened Drake. The veteran Chicago emcee still has to deal with Maya Angelou.

Update: Common has confirmed that he was indeed dissing Drake on the track “Sweet.” (via AllHipHop)

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