TST Hip-Hop Podcast Ep.5 – Interview with SiR E.U of Kool Klux Klan

Last week, TST writers Mark Noisiri and Travis Phillips linked with up and coming Washington DC-based rapper SiR E.U for quite the hilarious and in-depth podcast interview. E.U is currently making moves with his latest album titled H I P P O P O T A M U S, which dropped a few days ago. In this interview, we discussed matters such as the recent Drake vs Common and Mac Miller vs Danny Brown beefs, the “origin story” of E.U’s Kool Klux Klan collective, the creative process behind the collective’s individual projects, E.U’s top 5 rapper hitlist, Mark having a Nardwuar-level research moment, meeting and performing for 9th Wonder, the beauty of ignorance, a DC Slang lesson, of course…Chris Brown’s rapping, and much more.

Hip-hop Podcast Episode 5(mp3 link) Click here to download the TST podcast on iTunes!

Bonus: SiR E.U decided to join us to make some predictions of upcoming events in the hip hop scene in 2012.

TST hip hop 2012 predictions (w/ SiR E.U) [Warning: Uncensored]