Staff Picks: 11/27 – 12/3

AJ Rivera
Assistant Editor
Artist: Lost in Atlantis
Album: Silent World
Comments: Last week I picked an album from a bad-ass female guitarist, and this week I bring you a bad-ass female vocalist. “Rock-Tronica,” is the official genre created by LIA fans and even though indie pop music is not my bag, Liz Rosnowski of Lost in Atlantis has won me over with her sheer talent. The album is filled with simple but catchy guitar riffs and synths that make you really want to move. LIA is taking over my local music scene here in the desert with energetic performances and a growing fan base. I also hear that a music video for their radio single “Tek-No” is in the works, and even though the video is under tight watch I was able to talk my way into getting a photo from what looks like a futuristic space adventure. Be sure to check back next week for another independent talented female and next month when The Silver Tongue premiers the “Tek-No” video from Lost in Atlantis.

Courtnay Glatter
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Album: Get Along
Comments: While I should probably be listening to Christmas tunes around this time of the year, I can’t stop listening to Tegan and Sara. They are hilarious story tellers and wonderful singers and songwriters. Their Get Along CD is an accumulation of many of their best songs over the last twelve years and a wonderful intro for any beginner. It is a great live compilation not to be missed that showcases their unique voices and writing. The sisters included older songs such as “Relief Next to Me” and “Nineteen” from their 2007 album, The Con, as well as original work from their most recent album, Sainthood. Get Along is a great mix for anyone interested in checking out their work as well as die-hard fans. The CD can be purchased on iTunes by itself or on their website as a package with their film.

Matt Fox
Assistant Editor
Artist: Horse the Band
Album: The Mechanical Hand
Comments: More often than not, certain groups attempt to find a happy middleman between humor and quality music. For most, they fall flat on their faces, either making a silly record without technical value or one that has solid songs, but lacking the funny edge they wanted. Horse the Band is one of the few artists that can blend the brutality of hardcore with the goofiness of a third grader and pull it off. The Mechanical Hand is their best example of both facets. Toting their self-proclaimed “Nintendocore,” Horse the Band captures fierce instrumentals and vocals, but at the same time writing about suicidal sea creatures and Mario 64 (“Manateen” and “House of Boo”). So if you’re looking for a good laugh, but at the same time want music that will still peak your interest in other ways, check this album out.

Mark Noisiri
Artist: Sabrina Malheiros
Album: Equilibria
Comments: A friend of mine put me on to my first taste of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) through this debut album by singer/songwriter Sabrina Malheiros, released in 2005. Equilibria, I believe, is a prime example of this style of music that blends Bossa Nova with Jazz and Pop sensibilities, making this album quite the relaxing listening experience with no knowledge of the Portuguese language necessary to enjoy. Highly recommended for stress relief and ambiance.

Sin Lucas
Artist: Adele
Album: 21
Comments: I jumped on the Adele bandwagon late, but better late than never. Her voice is flawless. She sings with the soul of a woman twice her age, and she talks about subjects that anyone could relate to. I also love the fact that her music seems to transcend age, gender or race. I’ve seen teenagers that love rap and r&b listening to Adele, as well as grown men that tend to favor rock or metal. And that goes back to her fans relating to her lyrics. Who hasn’t had their heart broken or fallen in love? It just goes to prove that in the end beautiful melodies and good lyrics are all you need to have a really good timeless song and Adele’s 21 just happens to have 12.

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