TST Hip-Hop Podcast Ep.4 (ft. rMell of Kool Klux Klan)

In this episode of TST’s hip hop podcast series, Mark and Travis interview indie rapper and producer rMell of Washington DC rap collective Kool Klux Klan. Subjects discussed include Canibus’ recent feud with J.Cole, the relevance of veteran rappers, rMell’s guide to tumblr success, the importance of fashion and social networking in hip hop, Lil Wayne’s skateboarding “skills”, Odd Future comparisons being thrown at Kool Klux Klan, rMell’s upcoming albums NEOGEO and Hypester and much more.

Hip-hop Podcast Episode 4(mp3 link) Click here to download the TST podcast on iTunes!

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      Hahaha! Good shit, guys.