Katy Perry Re-Releasing “Teenage Dream”

Her marriage may not have worked out for the best but her music career is doing fine. Katy Perry is re-releasing her Grammy nominated 2010 album, Teenage Dream and calling the work, The Complete Confection.

The new release will include tracks that couldn’t fit on the first album. The new album’s producer, Tricky Stewart, gave MTV a little sneak peek at what the project would entail.

“Katy and I went into [the studio] just to address some issues with records that we had done in the past that didn’t end up going on Teenage Dream,” he said in October. “So we are in the process of just listening and freshening up things and getting ready for something special she has going on.”

The title track Complete Confection remains somewhat a mystery but the producer hinted at a “really special song” that will be included entitled, Dressing Up. “It definitely fits. It’s right there in what her sensibilities are as a musician and a songwriter. She doesn’t change much. She has a very keen musical taste. It’ll be really good.”

Katy Perry recently wrapped up her California Dreams Tour in Indonesia and is scheduled to appear at the Grammys next.

Source: MTV.com

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