Ke$ha Joins the Flaming Lips in the Studio

 A series of tweets, photos and videos surfaced this weekend, documenting what will likely be one of the year’s most bizarre collaborations. After working on a noisy EP with Neon Indian and developing their own line of marijuana-flavored gummy skulls, the Flaming Lips shock their fans even further by hitting the studio with none other than Ke$ha.

Idolator posted some video clips of their time together, which Wayne Coyne had tweeted over the weekend. We see him curiously dip his finger in the rapper’s signature gold glitter and listen to him giggle as she sings along to some psychedelic tunes. In another clip posted by Pop Crush, we see her doling out dollar sign tattoos to members of the band. Coyne also shared a photo of what Ke$ha tweeted are lines of crushed up Tums “That wayne is snorting for his diarrhea.”

Though initially mind-boggling, a collaboration between the lords of whimsical psych rock and this generation’s biggest party animal shouldn’t be completely unexpected. If you still can’t take it seriously, consider that Coyne recently tweeted, “She’s crazy.. But shit!!!!she can really fuckin SING!!!”

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