BabyFirstTV invites Bon Iver to Perform on Show after Grammy Confusion

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon recently accepted two Grammy’s, and while it was a joyous occasion for those who know who the man is, the Grammy wins were not universally accepted. Showing a rage, turmoil and confusion not seen since… Last year’s Grammy’s, Facebook and Twitter users ran in crazed circles, foaming at their mouths, ripping their hair out and kicking things over screaming the question; “Who is Bonnie Bear?”

A tumblr page was recently started dedicated to the two social networking site’s confusion over the identity of the band, with a great deal of the complaints coming from watchers who misheard Bon Iver’s name as “Bonnie Bear”.  An example, if you need:

At least they dgaf

The children’s TV station BabyFirstTV, who air a show called “Bonnie Bear”, have taken notice of the confusion (possibly because the hilarious internet users took to the shows Youtube Page to congratulate the character for their recent Grammy win). A BabyFirstTV representative issued the following statement inviting the band to perform on the show:

“Bonnie Bear and all her friends at BabyFirstTV congratulate you, Bon Iver, on your Grammy win! We would be delighted to invite the band to sing along with Bonnie Bear and her best friend, Mr. Gramophone, on BabyFirstTV where she paints beautiful pictures and teach[es] young children about the world around them.”

After the Vernon’s seminal recent performance with The Roots, I think this would be the obvious direction the band should go. Funnily enough, I had no idea who Bonnie Bear was before all this.