Band to Watch: Wild Belle

Wild Belle is Natalie Bergman and Elliot Bergman. I don’t know a whole lot about the duo, except that they’re from Chicago and they have a new 12” single out today. Word on the street is that the two have played in bands and projects before, and that former bandmates of theirs help to fill all the shoes (guitar, drums, bass) live.

Brooklyn Vegan talked, last month, about a show at Schubas, Chicago’s indie hotspot, that included sets by Wild Belle, Class Actress and Chairlift. So, at least I know that Wild Belle keeps good company. I also know that their new song, “Keep You,” is refreshing and unique-sounding to me, and that I want a copy of it on vinyl. Clever guitars interview sexy saxophone and vocals that play out over a blatantly-reggae and less-blatantly-blues backdrop.

Check out the new track (via the band’s Bandcamp page). You can also purchase a vinyl or digital copy of the two-song single, which includes “Take Me Away” as the B-side.

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