British Sea Power Debut New Demo ‘Loving Animals’

The Brighton based British Sea Power have debuted a demo of one of the tracks due to appear on their new five track EP, ‘Krankenhaus 2′. The band released the song in honour of the second Club night, also called ‘Krankenhaus 2′ which the band both run, and perform. The second club night is due to take place this Friday (3rd February), with four more to follow monthly. Take a listen to the track at the bottom of the page.

Having spent much of last year touring the band’s fourth critically acclaimed album, ‘Valhalla Dancehall’,  they’ll be focusing on ‘Krankenhaus’  this year instead of extensive touring. For the second club night the band booked an eclectic line up of artists including the Brighton and Hove Brass Band, DJ Steve Sexton and Queer as Queen; a Japanese Queen cover band.

In accordance with the monthly club night, the band will be releasing an EP each month until June for each of the nights. ‘BSP 2′ will be available to buy from the British Sea Power online store, and is a limited edition release. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Things Have A Way Of Working Out
2. Up Against It
3. Loving Animals
4. Machineries Of Joy
5. Motorway South

Listen to the new song, ‘Loving Animals’ and tell us what you think!