Evans Blue to Release New Album In April

The countdown continues until Evans Blue releases their fourth studio album, Graveyard Of Empires, in April.

Graveyard of Empires will be the band’s second album with lead singer Dan Chandler and the first album to be recorded with the band’s drummer Mike McClure.

Trevor Kustiak and mixer Dan Korneff, who have worked with both Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin, are helping to produce the album.

Chandler said this about the upcoming release:

“‘Graveyard of Empires‘ has something to say. It’s very personal for us, human and honest. You can hear our growth as a band and as brothers. We’re excited to share it with our fans!”

Evans Blue released two singles off of the album at the end of last year, “This Time It’s Different” and “Halo”. Check out the video for “Halo” below and let us know what you think.