InMe – The Pride


Lead singer of InMe, Dave McPherson, has an absolutely cracking voice. It reaches the parts of your heart and soul usually reserved for mental pictures of ex-lovers you will always think fondly of. InMe’s fifth effort, The Pride, showcases this perfectly.

Musically, there isn’t a lot to discern from the generic sounds made famous by The Lostprophets and other mainstream ‘alternative’ metal bands, which sometimes detracts from the stark lyricism and evocative voice planting.

The first five tracks are a package in and of themselves, shunting me from one song to the next in a pit of rage. Then it all changes. ‘Escape to Mysteriopa’ plays. A strange on the face and a roll of the eyes. It doesn’t really fit. Then ‘Guardian’ begins and picks up where ‘Pantheon’ left off, giving me what I want. At this point in time, at least.

‘Halcyon Genesis’ and ‘Legacy’ are undeniably intimate, giving off the eloquence that could only come from a band that has graciously matured.

Having remembered InMe from the otherwise-blurred days of 2003 and their initial outlay, Overgrown Eden, we can say that the Brentwood boys have grown up.

The Pride is a mixed bag of feelings – both peculiar and familiar. Even if you don’t like it all, you’ll find at least one track to suit your taste.


‘Moonlit Seabed’
‘Silver Womb’

Rating: ★★★½☆