Kanye West’s Ridiculous Rider Requests

Not a stranger to over-the-top antics, hip hop artist Kanye West has revealed some interesting choices as far as what concert venues should have ready for him.

According to Perez Hilton, West’s rider consists of two specific requests. The first is to have $378 Versace towels available for the rapper to wipe his sweat. In addition, these towels must be cut to his liking, which is apparently in a customized square style. The second item is actually a rule: none of the staff in attendance is allowed to wear polyester clothing. Unless the chauffeur is wearing Kanye’s preferred 100% cotton, he won’t be stepping into the car.

How do these requests rank in the range of other celebrities such as J.Lo’s “All White Room” and Van Halen’s “No Brown M&M” policies? With this knowledge, be sure to catch towels thrown at Kanye’s upcoming concerts.