LGBTQ Self Evident Project Heads South

A friend turned me on to an artistic/political photographic endeavor called Self Evident Truths last week. Though it is not musical in nature, it is supported by many musicians (and artists, et al.) in the independent realm, deeming it worthy of mention.

Self Evident Truths is a photography project started by iO Tillett Wright in New York in 2010. It basically involves the black & white portraiture of any given individual in the U.S. who can qualify themselves as ‘anything but 100% heterosexual.’ These plainly-set photos are meant to show, naturally and beautifully, the varied faces of gays in America today, and to artistically humanize them. The ‘image’ of the project is not just intended to shed light on issues like gay marriage, but on long-lingering, sometimes forgotten, dilemmas like workplace discrimination.

I’m personally supporting this project, which entails an ultimate goal of shooting 5,000-10,000 portraits. With New York and California on the map, support from the Human Rights Campaign, among many others and a running photo count of 789, the Self Evident team is heading South. Upcoming cities include the following:

2/24 – Oklahoma City, OK
2/26 – Dallas, TX
2/27 – Little Rock, AR
3/1 & 3/2 – New Orleans, LA
3/3 – Mobile, AL
3/4 – Birmingham, AL
3/6 & 3/7 – Atlanta, GA
3/8 – Athens, GA
3/9 – Asheville, NC
3/11 & 3/12 – Knoxville, TN

For further info, visit selfevidentproject.com.

To sign up, click HERE.