No Jail Time for Wife of “24″ Creator in Manslaughter Case

Earlier today, Cambria Gordon, wife of Howard Gordon, the creator of “Homeland” and “24“, pled no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and will not serve jail time, according to TMZ.

Gordon hit an 83-year-old pedestrian with her car last July after she took her eye off the road to look for her cell phone. which fell from the center console. The pedestrian later died from his injuries.

She was charged with manslaughter with gross negligence, but under the deal the charge reduced to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence.

Cambria was not in court today but was placed on 36 months informal probation and she must perform 360 hours of community service.

Cambria’s lawyer, read a statement from her prior to sentencing, in which she expressed “deep sorrow and sincere remorse over the accident,” adding “not a day has gone by since July 20, 2011 that I haven’t thought about and prayed for Mr. Smerling and his family.”

The letter continues:

“Although I cannot presume to ask for forgiveness, I only hope that the Smerling family understands how immeasurably sorry I am.”

What do you think about the sentence?

    • Jerryrodrigues


      So… a human being was killed, by the wife of a celebrated TV program creator, therefore is easily left off the hook even though she was negligent because of her stupidly reaching for her cell phone.

      Well, if she had to spend 1-3 years in prison for this, then get out paroled to perform Driving Classes for other negligent drivers who got caught driving carelessly, AND if she also had to perform for another 2-3 years caring for persons greatly handicapped by negligent drivers such as she, THEN she would at least be more closely learning the pain these people & their familes are going through.

      I recently returned from living in China for 3 1/2 years & they have really poor drivers so bad that I refused to drive in China. Well, I cut-out a newspaper article with the photo of a man who was convicted of a vehicular death… He was given the “Death Penalty,” but… the victim’s family didn’t want this man put to death, so his sentence was reduced to “Life In Prison!”

      Think about it, IF we had more severe penalties for negligent vehicular deaths…

      My own uncle from San Jose, California, his two daughters, his two granddaughters & one of his daughter’s fiance’s were all killed in a firey death, beause of a young man drinking & speeding over 100 miles per hour ran into the rear end of their new car.

      So…5 young people were needlessly killed in explosive flames enveloping their car, because of drinking & very careless behavior…

      So… what is this young man doing now though he is probably in his forty’s …
      drinking & driving & still endangering other people’s lives.

      He had prior drunken driving violations… Did he learn? I doubt it!

      Jerry, in Santa Clara

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Allen/1775443285 Michael Allen

        Two completely different scenarios deserve completely different punishments. What this woman did is no different then a hunting accident, construction accident etc., yes she was negligent but she wasnt DUI, wasn’t speeding and as horrible as it is this was simply an accident. A similar situation happened with Dante Stallworth of the NFL, he did no jail time because the family and D/A agreed that he could help the family financially by resuming his career rather then sitting in jail. He was DUI but the victim was also illegally crossing a highway when he was struck, Dante stopped and never denied responsiblity.

    • r gerald

      Celebrities and athletes have different laws. Hardly ever do any of them serve jail time and if they do, its always cut short. If anything it gives free publicity in hopes of advancing their careers.

    • Norm

      Somebody got some money.

    • ATAgirLLu1

      It’s all about the money… you can buy your way out of anything.. laws included. It just isn’t right.