‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy’ Gets Second Series

Despite numerous scathing reviews from critics and negative comments from fans, Channel 4 has announced that Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy will be re-commisioned for a second series.

The avant-garde sketch show, which features characters such as a talking chocolate finger, a talking mantaray and a talking lion, has had only two episodes aired on Channel 4′s digital sister E4, however, Commissioning Editor for Comedy Nerys Evans stated:

Noel is such a rare and brilliant talent we can’t wait to work with him on another series of Luxury Comedy; this show feels so modern and pioneering. If Series 1 brought us a talking knife wound and a man with ice-cream for eyes, we can’t wait to see where else Noel’s comedy mind will take us next.

This will likely cause a delay in Noel Fielding returning to work with The Mighty Boosh cohort Julian Barratt, who recently appeared in Sky One’s Treasure Island.

Talking to NME, Fielding said:

I’m not trying to recreate the Boosh without a Julian…He’s doing avant-garde theatre!

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy airs on E4: Thursdays at 10PM (GMT)