Review: Project X

“This is what we wanted Hangover 2 to be,” I overheard a satisfied viewer express as he left the Project-X private screening. Honestly, I agree completely. Project X is chaotic, hilarious and, best of all, unpredictable. This motion picture  pushes the boundaries of the cliché party film by implicating unorthodox and erratic factors with unforgettable moments. Unless you dislike ball-busting midgets, flamethrowers, overzelous taser-happy secruity guards and b cup breast, this is a must see. It’s 88 minutes of surprises that will have you at the edge of your seat or hunched over laughing your gluteus maximus off. Something I absolutely loved about the movie is the focus on the party. Even though it does follow our three protagonists, the constant switching between the actual ongoing insanity makes it feel like your a part of the out-of-control affair; you see firsthand how things slowly spiral out of control.

One of the reoccurring themes is hearing the words, “we can fix this.” “No problem we can have it fixed by the time your parents get home.” At the height of the chaos they face the realization things are far beyond the fixing of any teenager on minimal wage. This brings a level of realism too this fictional event. Kid and Play weren’t hit with lawsuits for their house party, but then again, they didn’t throw one that reached legendary stature. Along with the glory, Project-X also show the consequences of hosting an enormous event. My only warning is once you leave the movie theater, the urge to throw the biggest party in existence will arise. Funny enough, that’s the emotion this movie invokes. It’s not touching nor heart warming; you are literally watching the party of your dreams unfold, and can only be described as a overdone concept that binged on an extensive amount of ectasy. Again, this is what we wanted Todd Phillips to make Hangover 2. This movie is epic.