Slip of the Tongue: Let’s talk about The Oscars

Will sits down once again with Film Crit Hulk of BadassDigest.com for a three-pronged approach at analysing the Oscars. Hulk shares his experience and theories on nominations, the voting process and the show itself.

Let’s talk about the Oscars (mp3 link)
Bonus Oscars Episode (mp3 link)

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1: 30 – 28:00 – The process of selecting Oscar nominations, whittling down the list, “Worst Movie Ever” and “The Iron Lady”

Note: In this section I make a silly error. Of course Albert Knobb’s has been released in the States; otherwise it couldn’t be in the Oscar contender list, like I said literally the sentence before I said it hadn’t been released in the States.

28: 00 – 52: 25 – The voting process, and the Tangible Details of films, Jim Rash and films that deal with prejudices

52: 25 – 1:26:00 – The Oscar show itself, the validity of award shows in general and Miles Davis cubist gangster films.

1:26:00 – We sound off with Tutu by Miles Davis


Oscar Talk Bonus Episode:

Description: In an additional episode, Will and Hulk discuss Psychological aspects of Transformers 2, the culture translation in “Attack the Block” and The Golden Globe.

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