Staff Picks: 2/12 – 2/25

Janey Criss
Assistant Editor
Artist: Still Corners
Album: Creatures of an Hour
Comments: Creatures of an Hour came out just this past October. It’s a brilliant record that I think got lost in the year-end smudge. This is an easy-listening, more mellow version of a Raveonettes record (pick one), with unique qualities, of course. Vocals throughout sound like a higher regimented, in-your-face, hi-fi version of some of Nika Roza’s early stuff. The thin nature of their echo-like persuasions haunts in its procedure of filling very wide, stereo headspace. The guitars come across as Brit-influenced shoegaze that’s been filtered through the current model of bands like Carissa’s Weird or, then, Warpaint (listen to the bass lines here). Also akin to Warpaint are the crooning, West Coast backup stylings. But tempos and key melody tendancies put Still Corners in a boat with bands like Chairlift, though Creatures of an Hour does deviate from rigid, consistent beats and incorporates acoustic elements – guitars, drums – that are just as haunting as the airy vocals and guitars. The analog organs give it a chilling, Haight-Ashbury tinge, too.

Courtnay Glatter
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Greatest Hits
Comments: This week my main man is The Boss. I started really listening to Mr. Springsteen when I was 18 and thought I was a total badass. My ways of thinking may have changed, thank goodness but my love for Bruce never will. Greatest Hits has been on repeat over the past week at my Brooklyn home front. I will never tire of his wonderful working class melodies and insane guitar skills. “Born to Run” and “Dancing In the Dark” will forever remain two of my favorite songs. There is a reason these are his greatest hits and a wonderful introduction to anyone unfamiliar to The Boss. Take it from a girl who doesn’t normally love rock; you will love this.

Carlos Reyes
Album: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
I have to admit it took me weeks to figure out the song “Midnight City”. It seems I’ve heard it forever until I finally started to look for the artist that played it. Then, after listening to several songs, I knew I had to have M83’s album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. I liked the retro-electronic feel the pop record had, but to be honest, I much preferred the acoustic guitars on Soon, My Friend and especially Wait, definitely the best track on the album (in my personal opinion, of course). Apparently Anthony Gonzalez moved to Los Angeles before recording Hurry Up… so maybe Hollywood had something to do with his sound? Perhaps it did, as Gonzalez has said moving into a new environment definitely influenced him.

Matt Fox
Assistant Editor
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Push the Button
This 2005 release from The Chemical Brothers is a look at how the group works with other artists. Ranging from The Magic Numbers to Q-Tip, each track is approached with a completely different mood and style. However, not all of the album is collaborations. The last three tracks are all purely instrumental and Chemical Brothers originals. So whether you’re into heavy rap beats (“Left Right”) or bouncy electro-indie (“The Boxer”), check this out immediately.

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