TST Video Premiere: Run Dan Run – Lovesick Animal

I stumbled across Run Dan Run after they released their full-length, Normal (on Hearts & Plugs), last year. It’s a well-recorded collection of tunes from the Charleston indie rockers, and a great intro to the band, if you haven’t heard of them.

“Lovesick Animal” was the first single from Normal, and we’re pleased to announce video premiere of it on TST.

Some notes from the band:

This video was shot around downtown Charleston, SC – the screaming scene and party scene in Space 227. The other indoor scenes were shot in Run Dan Run frontman Dan McCurry’s downtown apartment, and the outdoor scenes over a few downtown blocks. The “Lovesick Animal” video features Dan McCurry, Joe Suthers, Emily Haney, Clint Thomas, Peter Spearman, Stephen Pappas, Rebecca Smith, Graham Jenkins, Patrick Walker, Lacii Paul, MacKenzie Kohler and Lauren Russell. The honey bear (not Pooh Bear) portrays a lovesick animal (worn by Dan McCurry, except during the screaming scene) which the viewer follows the entire video – from getting up in the morning and doing mundane activities like exercising to getting down with his animal BFFs. Note: this honey bear has some mild anger management issues.

    • iloveyouson


    • dont even mater

      gud song were can i get a bear costum like that hahaha, i bet theyd yell Run dan run if the bear was chaising him! lol

    • JustListenWithYourEarBalls

      Run Dan Run really embodies the indie-rocker small-town-boys sound of Charleston.

      I mean if you just like to the sound, just listen, it’s incredible on how just innocent and sincere the vocals are.

      It really just compares to the humble beginnings of the Broken Social Scene or Feist even.

      “I’ve been a slave. I’ve been a lovesick animal!!!!”

    • Surger4Ever92

      DAMN! He done kick dat dog! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!1

      • dont even mater

        cant believe black girl is wearing the monkey mask tho ummmm racist???? let da fat guy where it he looks like a dam gorila anyway! haha

        • surger4ever92

          holy s@#*!!! I just noticed that, so awesome!

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      Thanks for posting Silver Tongue!