Watch: Bon Iver’s 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session

bon iver

Bon Iver’s session has today been released on youtube by 4AD and Jagjaguwar. Recorded at London’s AIR Studios in October 2011, the session features only Justin Vernon and Drew Carey, and perhaps more interestingly two grand pianos, in a stripped back and minimal performance. The session is featured at the bottom of the page.

The twenty-five minute session features three songs from ‘Bon Iver’, one from ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ and a cover of Bonnie Rait’s, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. The tracks featured from ‘Bon Iver’ receive a stripping down, and anyone critical of the evolution of sound from Bon Iver’s debut to his most recent release will be happy to songs reduced to their raw, and heart achingly beautiful original form.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Hinnom, TX
2. Wash.
3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
4. Babys
5. Beth/Rest