Arrest Warrant Issued for Russell Brand Over iPhone Snatch (Update)

Russell Brand took to his twitter page today and joked about tossing a photographer’s iPhone. Apparently the New Orleans police didn’t get the joke because they’ve issued a warrant for the actor’s arrest.

TMZreports that a misdemeanor warrant for simple criminal damage to property was issued last night.

As previously reported, Brand had a run in with a photog on Monday night that ended with the actor allegedly snatching the photographer’s phone and tossing it through the window of a nearby law firm. Brand has already agreed to buy for the damaged window.

Maybe Russell should take a lesson from Chris Brown. If you snatch someone’s phone don’t snitch on yourself.

Update:  Russell Brand has been arrested. The actor turned himself in to the New Orleans police within the last hour and is currently in police custody.

Update: Russell Brand has been released on $5,000 bond and the actor paid $240 to repair the damaged window.