Asher Roth Hits Music City March 24

This coming Saturday, March 24, Nashville is being occupied by none other than Asher Roth. If you’re thinking of the rapper that came onto the music scene with his heavily-criticized debut “I Love College”, then I would expect to hear a chorus of crickets following this announcement. But if you’ve followed Roth in recent years and are familiar with his current catalog, a far more triumphant rejoicing may occur.

Although the previously mentioned track brought him into the limelight, there is far more to this artist than this drinking-infused mantra. His catalog is riddled with skilled lyricism and freestyling. I first noticed this on The Cool Kids’ When Fish Ride Bicycles on the track “Roll Call” (see below), where Roth’s guest appearance shines above the others. Now a Def Jam artist, Roth will release his sophomore LP, Is This Too Orange?, this coming spring.

Part of his Final4Tour, Roth is going to venues all over the United States and celebrating March Madness the way basketball gods intended. Not only will Roth perform for Music City, but is also hanging out prior to the show to watch the games alongside fans.

So come down to Aeriel Saturday night and check out Roth (with DJ Wreckineyez) as a more seasoned and mature artists. Tickets are $26.50 and can be purchased here.