Beyonce Out with Baby Blue; Do We Really Care?

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First item up for discussion is Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy. The pop diva was photographed while walking through the park with her bundle of joy and it  was big news. It was a hot topic on all the blogs and gossip sites. But is that a newsworthy topic? Do people really care if Beyonce is out walking with her baby?


Miso: “My moral compass is always turning”

Do I want to see Beyonce walking her baby? Hmmm….let me take a moment to contemplate my answer. Uh….HELL TO THE YEAH! In the beginning, my overall interest in her pregnancy was lukewarm at best. She announced her pregnancy during the VMAs and my reaction was “meh”. I thought “lets see how big she gets”, and “wonder how the baby will look”. After she released the baby pictures, I breathed a sigh of relief. Awww, the baby is cute! Thank God the baby is cute! The superficial side of me, upon learning that her baby is not a troll and bears a minimal resemblance to the father can now invest emotionally in this full throttle. I want to hear about her designer baby clothes and her expensive baby crib. I want to see her walking through the streets of Tribeca with her sunglasses and expensive baby carrier looking every bit the celebrity mom. Will she breast feed in public? Will she even touch her baby or have a high-priced nanny carry the child several steps behind her like January Jones? These are the things I want to know. Granted, my borderline stalking only began after seeing the prodigal daughter. That is neither here nor there. What is important is that I am interested now! Paparazzi show me what you got! Bombard me with photos of every minute detail of the Beyonce motherhood experience. Why is she walking the streets with a newborn baby? Where is she going? Who cares?! My lust for more celebrity babies will not be satiated! And now I must bid adieu, my therapist awaits.

Sindy: “It’s 5:00 somewhere”

Nope, don’t give a damn. Beyonce is not the first mother on earth. She did not invent pregnancy or motherhood but for some reason people act like her pregnancy and Blue’s birth was the most important birth since our Lord and Savior.

It was bad enough when the couple allegedly took over a hospital and made the stay for other parents a living hell, but now we have to hear about it every time she takes the kid for a walk. It’s ridiculous! Furthermore, it worries me to think that every step her and this kid make will be news for the next 18 years. The very thought makes me want to run screaming from the internet. I also question the sanity of those that sit around wondering what this baby is wearing or if Beyonce’s breast feeding her.

Frankly I think that breastfeeding, among other things should be a private moment. It also seems a bit staged. For her, a woman who had a full security detail around her while she was giving birth, to take a scroll through a public park and decide to breast feed just screams TAKE MY PICTURE, I’M A MOTHER! LOOK AT ME! It’s a bit too much.

To close, I’m glad that Bey is enjoying her pregnancy, but I hope and pray she doesn’t cram the kid down our throats until she’s ready to go to college.

Now that you know what we think, what do you think? Let us know what you think in the comment section?



    • ellie

      You personally may not care, but the majority of readers do and isnt that what you want—–readership??   This is why ALL the news programs/stations will run reports and pics of Bey and Blue. It is popular news.     You can stick your head in the sand all you want, but you know you want to see her. 

      This is like the British Royal family BUT WITH TALENT.   Even haterz want to know what is going on every moment.     Period.