Damon Albarn Releases Trailer for ‘Dr Dee’ Album

damon albarn

Damon Albarn, the man with so many hands in so many musical pies, he defies anatomy has released a short trailer for his upcoming album Dr Dee. You can see the clip at the bottom of the article.

The Blur and Gorillaz frontman’s new project may come as a surprise to some, what with the album acting as an opera. Composed by Albarn, and recorded with the BBC’s Philharmonic Orchestra, the album contains eighteen tracks and was recorded late last year. The teaser clip features excerpts of Albarn performing the album’s second track Apple Carts, and discussing the recording of the record.

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘The Golden Dawn’
‘Apple Carts’
‘Oh Spirit Animate Us’
‘The Moon Exalted’
‘A Man of England’
‘The Marvelous Dream’
‘A Prayer’
‘Edward Kelley’
’9 Point Star’
‘Temptation Comes In The Afternoon’
‘Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away’
‘Moon (Interlude)’
‘Tree Of Life’
‘The Dancing King’

Watch the clip below:

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