Efterklang to premiere new album at Sydney Opera House

Efterklang are back! The enormous band is working on their first album since their 2010 release Magic Chairs currently, titled Pirimada. The band revealed on their website today that on May 26th they will be performing all new content live at the Sydney Opera House. That’s not all though – the band are set to perform alongside Sydney Symphony Ochestra.

What does this possibly hint at for their new release? Well, many people (myself included) were a bit let down that their last release took a far-more low-fi approach, especially compared to the, big-band orchestral sound found on their earlier work. The fact the band are performing alongside the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (along with a list of other alumni composers on their site) could be an indicator the old sound (or at least, a bigger sound) is back!

Tickets to the show can be bought here. If you can’t make it, don’t fret though – the show will be coming to 4AD and Rumraket later on in the year.