Festival Lineup Breakdown: Paid Dues (Part 1)

When it comes to most music festivals you probably haven’t heard of the majority of acts, with the exception of the headliners. While some enjoy the prospect of being surprised by new artists, some expected to be the disappointed by them. Independent hip hop festival Paid Dues grows each year, treating crowds to quality flavors from all over the independent/underground scene.

On April 7th, 2012, Paid Dues plans to continue that legacy with its most diverse lineup yet. For those who are unfamiliar with most of the acts (and don’t want to be deemed uncool for not being hip…just kidding), consider using this as a reference when you attend the festival.

Kosha Dillz

Los Angeles-based, New Jersey-bred Jewish emcee was introduced to many through his collaborative concept album Freestyle Vs. Written with underground legend C-Rayz Walz.


A very refreshing Los Angeles emcee holding it down for the ladies with very socially aware and introspective tracks.

Curtiss King

Leader of Inland Empire, CA-based label Black Cloud Music, producer/emcee Curtiss King won his way into the Paid Dues lineup through a YouTube contest. With an extensive discography, while building a steady online and local presence, King has definitely paid his dues.

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