Interview: SXSW Recap with L.A.

Interview by Mark Noisiri and Travis Phillips

Brooklyn indie rapstress L.A. was also present during our earlier interview with Lyriciss, so we interviewed her about her SXSW experience as well. A relative rookie in the game, L.A. has only been rapping for little over a year, but has managed to build her buzz in the indie circuit to secure an SXSW performance.  In this 4 part interview we cover grounds from the flight to the festival to various interesting venues, industry politics with the new face of SXSW, and much more.

Part 1: Clutch Booking
L.A. describes her hectic flight from NYC and how she lost all of her showcases, then at the last-minute gets a string of shows.

Actually I had three shows at SXSW, but many times these promoters are full of sh**.

Part 2: Mainstream Invasion
L.A. gives her perspective on the new indie vs mainstream situation at the festival, along with her tactics and aspirations for the future of the industry. She also meets one of her heroes, 9th Wonder.

Nobody in the majors are making money anymore, so of course they’re going to come to SXSW…American Express just made mad money off that Jay-Z show.

Part 3: L.A. vs The Illuminati, Lyriciss meets the Prince and King of Texas
L.A. performs at a showcase  in a Free Mason center in Austin and Lyriciss recounts his meeting with Texas rap legends J. Prince and Bun B of UGK. Also, throwbacks and du-rags are experiencing a revival.

It was nuts, it was real closed off….it looked like…Watch The Throne…there was mad bibles everywhere…

Part 4: The Legend of Chun Li
We get the overall back story of the making of L.A.’s currently buzzing single “Chun Li”, along with updates on her next festival appearances.

Right now I’m in a transitional stage, and I feel like that track is like, showing everybody “Oh sh**. L.A. is really scary.”

Follow L.A. on twitter: @UCanCallMeLA

Stay tuned for the finale of our SXSW recap interview series tomorrow. Keep it locked on The Silver Tongue.

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