Interview: SXSW Recap with Lyriciss

Interview by Mark Noisiri and Travis Phillips

Our SXSW recap series continues with an exclusive interview with Washington D.C.-based indie rapper Lyriciss, who experienced his second time performing at the Austin, TX festival. In this 4 part talk, Lyriciss recounts several stories and encounters, including the controversial presence of major label artists.

Part 1: Arrival & Preparation
Lyriciss takes on one of the longest trips of his life traveling from D.C. to Austin, crashes the SOB Anniversary party with a Kanye West appearance,  and discusses his song choice for his performance sets.

Part 2: Indie vs Mainstream
This year’s SXSW had a different mood due to the presence of major label artists and Lyriciss reflects on the inevitable divide caused by them.

Part 3: Smang It!
Lyriciss shares some strange encounters and an unexpected appearance of a certain viral YouTube rap group.

Part 4: Balancing Act
Hitting the ground running (and driving another 26 hours) after SXSW, Lyriciss talks about the continuation of his critically acclaimed Balance EP series and more.

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