Odd Future – The OF Tape Vol. 2

Experience breeds improvement, and improvement breaths through the speakers as I listened to Odd Future’s Vol 2. Leaving behind the antics of the past, we don’t see the group unapologetically rhyming words with rape and poking fun at guys that preferred to be poked by guys; instead, we see them collectively step it up a notch.

Domo Genesis, Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats take over a majority of the album, and even though I can stomach an excess amount of Domo and Tyler, Hodgy? Not so much. Hodgy being featured on 10 of the 17 tracks is a lot to digest; however, he does shine on the middle finger to authority “50,” where he channels his entire pent-up aggression and releases it over some Lex-Lugar-esque Left Brain production. “Bitches,” “Lean” and “Rello” are all adequate songs where Hodgy appears, but he lacks the lyrical prowess to keep my attention long-term.

The weed-smoking – not to be considered weed-rapper – Domo Genesis’ whit and charm continues to impress without much effort. Out of the three, I find him most focused. Each Tyler appearance is worth mentioning, still dropping f-bombs like pocket change, but this album features Tyler opening up more about his current level of fame. It’s nice to see him reflecting on the insanity of the last few months on songs like “Sam,” “Hcad” and “P”.

So what about the other members of the Golf Wang clan? Well Mike G’s, who I consider the least recognized member, solo track “Forest Green” is a great addition to the album. The Internet appears on the stand out”Ya Know.” The song brings you into a different realm completely with the psychedelic production and catchy lyrics. Frank Ocean’s vocals help elevate both “Analog 2” and “Snow White,” but he completely steals the show and women’s panties on his solo “White.” He once again reinforces the yearning for a solo album. Of course you can’t have an Odd Future project without the blissful ignorance of the Tyler x Jasper x Taco mélange. “We Got Bitches” is exactly what you expect from the title, but ten times more ratchet. If you can’t comprehend the genius that this song presents, then you probably like Nickleback.

This album once again is an improvement from the earlier offerings I’ve witness from this camp. I disliked the inconsistency and randomness of the track placement, but that’s to be expected from an OF album. It’s flawed, but when was the last time anyone released a perfect album? Odd Future fans will adore this and play it until their ears fall off. It won’t turn non-believers into band-wagon, shot-gun callers, but I do recommend this one for anyone that has an interest in what this group has to offer. Hopefully the pattern of growth doesn’t end here, and the next project will be even better.

Did you really think I would write a review and not mention “Oldie?” I do believe in leaving the best for last, and this is hands down one of the best Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All records ever released. Over some production that God himself would cypher over, we see Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Mike G, Left Brain, Frank Ocean, Jasper and Earl Sweatshirt giving the fans ten minutes of lyrical ridiculousness. I never seen them all so focused, so sharp, and with this being the first time in two years that Earl has rapped alongside his Golf Wang brethren, it had to be legendary. This one will open up the flood gates for all Wu-Tang comparisons.


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