Rush Limbaugh Loses 141 Advertisers

It’s been nearly two-weeks since the “slut” heard around the world, and advertisers are still fleeing from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program at a record pace.

Think Progress reports that 141 companies have yanked their ads from Limbaugh’s program since the conservation talk show host called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”. The site also received an internal memo from Premiere Radio Networks which states that 96 national advertisers have requested the network not run their ads on Limbaugh’s program. They also asked to be excluded from any other “right-wing hosts”, including Michael Savage and Glenn Beck.

Yesterday women’s rights advocates Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem asked the Federal Communications Commission to suspend Limbaugh’s radio license.

Organizations that have suspended their ads include the U.S. Army, AOL, Outback, Progressive Insurance and Hallmark.

Advertisers aren’t the only ones that want nothing to do with Limbaugh. Singer Peter Gabriel and the band Rush have also demanded that their music no longer be played on the show.

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