Warner Bros. Moving Forward With “Hangover” Threequel

Warner Bros. announced it will release the third movie in the “Hangover” franchise on Friday, May 24, the beginning of Memorial Day weekend 2013. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Jack Galifianakis and Todd Phillips will be returning for the next installment.

The studio hopes to repeat the Memorial Day opening success that “The Hangover Part 2″ had. The film became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy, earning about $575 million worldwide.

Phillips called the upcoming film “a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions,” but says he has a “bad feeling this series is going to keep going past a third one. It won’t be the first time a series has progressed past a natural end point – just look at the Saw franchise or the Final Destination series for examples, and the danger of this happening will only intensify if this film surpasses the sequel at the box office.

Shooting begins in September.

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