Watch: Lee Ranaldo Releases ‘Angles’ Video

In line with Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo’s new album Between the Time and the Tides, the multi-instrumentalist has released the new video for track Angles.

Directed by the guitarist’s wife, Leah Singer, the video features Ranaldo swinging his trademark customised Fender Jazzmaster guitar around back alleys of New York, whilst an unknown red-coated woman also wonders the streets of New York, seemingly dazzled by the city’s bright lights. Premiered on Vulture earlier on today, the article also mentioned a rather interesting fact about the filming of the video; some of the shots of Ranaldo and the swinging guitar were taken by attaching a camera to some helium balloons.

Leah Singer said of the video:

“The swinging guitar pays homage to Lee’s experimental work and Z Behl, the girl, has been a friend since she was a child. Josh and Brett from Red Bucket Films lend a hand. They worked with our kids on the feature film Daddy Longlegs. So it was a bit of a family affair.”

Between the Times and the Tides is out now on Matador. Watch the video below.