Gotye and Kimbra Post SNL

Goyte’s appearance on Saturday Night Live made ubiquitous headlines not only for his impeccable performance with Kimbra but also for the hilarious skit before the show and rumors about the artistic partnership between the two.  A very high pressure gig for any artist indeed. 

The beautiful Kiwi  female vocalist Kimbra will not continue the tour with Gotye due to her pre-existing European commitments. She will be replaced by Aussie singer Missy Higgins.

She will be touring Australia in May. In her blog, she expressed her excitement in participating on other collaborations.

This videos Kimbra’s collaboration with Mark Foster and DJ A-Track  Warrior for Converse. It is supposed to be about people who try to “push you down.”

“There are people who try to take away our sense of beauty and awe of the world by rationalizing it all away with human theories and therefore cheapening our emotions by minimizing them to pure math or chemical reactions,” Kimbra said in her blog.

It certainly is a different image one gets from seeing her as a modern-day Edith Piaf-like character when she performs with Gotye’s more poetic and experimental music.

The singer-songwriter’s  exponential success was also propelled by his  appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 14 and a performance at the Coachella music festival in California on April 15.








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