Ane Brun Covers Arcade Fire’s ‘Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)’

Though Ane Brun’s most recent release, It All Comes As One, came to us in 2011, the prolific Norwegian songwriter has announced that on the iTunes Deluxe edition, she will include a cover of Arcade Fire’s Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels). You can see a version of the track in the video at the bottom, and perhaps better, download the track from either Rolling Stone or Stereogum.

Premiered on Rolling Stone earlier on today, the track features Brun alone on an acoustic guitar, with sparse echoing vocals and a real sense of having made it her own. Though the version posted at the bottom of the article has since been re-edited for the album, it’s very much the same.

The video itself, originally recorded for the Voice Project, a charity dedicated to finding peace and highlighting the suffering of particular women in Northern Uganda. Brune said of the Arcade Fire track:

‘Something about the lyrics that are very, are kind of mysterious in a way or magical… it opens up a lot of images from teenage years and stuff and I think that’s always a good lyric, when it opens up some stuff from your own life.’

Take a look at the video below to hear an early version of the track, which starts around the 2:16 mark.

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