Best Cities for Hipsters

Travel + Leisure magazine took it upon themselves to find the best American cities where vintage clothing and tech gadgets go hand-to-hand, where local coffee shops trump any Starbucks any day and where the indie music scene is the norm-but never mainstream.

Yes, Travel +Leisure found the places with the best and biggest hipster scenes, and while some of them were no-brainers, New York surprisingly didn’t make the top 10.

Thirty-five cities were chosen for their culturally rich hipster-elements like coffee bars, environmentally conscious and thrift shops, just to name a few factors.

Seattle was the grand winner of this study, while Portland and San Francisco scored the second and third spot, respectively.

Out of the top 10 was New York (12th place) and Los Angeles (18th place), maybe because those cities are just too mainstream to rank higher.

To learn more about Hipster Cities, visit travelandleisure.com.

1. Seattle
2. Portland, OR
3. San Francisco
4. New Orleans
5. Portland, ME
6. Providence, RI
7. Austin, TX
8. San Juan, P.R.
9. Philadelphia
10. Denver
11. Savannah, GA
12. New York City
13. Santa Fe, NM
14. Chicago
15. San Diego
16. Minneapolis/St. Paul
17. Boston
18. Los Angeles
19. Nashville
20. Kansas City, MO
21. Las Vegas
22. Charleston
23. Memphis
24. Baltimore
25. Honolulu
26. Houston
27. Anchorage
28. Miami
29. Washington, D.C.
30. San Antonio
31. Phoenix/Scottsdale
32. Atlanta
33. Orlando
34. Salt Lake City
35. Dallas/Fort Worth


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