Audio: Chevy Chase and Community Creator Dan Harmon Feuding

It’s been rumored that there was bad blood between comedy veteran Chevy Chase and Community creator Dan Harmon, but now we have more details.

Dan Harmon, the sitcom’s creator, reportedly snapped at Chase during series’ wrap party, and even called him out in an expletive rant in front of  the comedian’s wife and daughter.

Apparently, the SNL legend stormed off while filming the last episode of the season, which infuriated Harmon and caused him to speak out the party.

Sometime after the party, Chase reportedly left a message on Harmon’s phone firing back for embarrassing him in front of his family and stating that he left because he wasn’t given a script.

“You didn’t give us a script to begin with so nobody knew what the f–k was going on,” said Chase, “I don’t get talked to like that by anybody, certainly not in front of my wife and daughter.”

The bad blood between the comedian and Harmon could be the reason Chase doesn’t usually promote the show, and now the rising tension could mean Chase’s exit.


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