Christina Aguilera Really UnWanted by Boyband

British boyband The Wanted don’t think Christina Aguilera is “beautiful”, in fact, they think she’s a “total bitch”.

In an interview with a New York radio station, the band members discussed their experience with the Voice judge and described her as “quite rude” and that she wouldn’t even acknowledge their presence. Check out the audio below.

This isn’t the first time Aguilera has been accused of having a less than stellar attitude. Just recently she was accused of snubbing Justin Bieber when he appeared on her show to release a sneak peek of his latest video “Boyfriend”. She also allegedly dissed Lady Gaga when the “Born this Way” singer wasn’t, you know, Lady Gaga.

While The Wanted won’t be singing any praises to Aguilera, they have nothing but love for Jennifer Lopez. The  met the singer and actress during their stint on American Idol, and they soon took to Twitter to profess their love for the “On the Floor” beauty.

So how does The Wanted rate Christina and Jennifer?  “Yeah, well J.Lo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special,” said Max George.

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