Jennifer Love Hewitt Feeling Foolish After Revealing Crush on Adam Levine

Jennifer Love Hewitt has learned a valuable lesson, according to The Client List actress, keep your crush to yourself, or at least don’t spill your guts on national television.

Hewitt tweeted, “The moment when you make a comment about something or someone and the world makes you feel like a total fool.#keepcrushesquiet“.

She continued:

“Thank you to @adamlevine for being so gracious on Ellen about my crush heard round the world. I’ve learned a lesson.#Sssh

Earlier this month, Hewitt revealed her crush for Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Levine was a guest on Ellen this week when DeGeneres attempted to make a love connection. Adam was less than receptive to the idea. Watch here.

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