Justin Vernon to Record Album with Astronautalis

 bon iverr

According to the Minneapolis City Pages, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver/Gayngs/Volcano Choir will start recording a new album this week in collaboration with Astronautalis. Pardon my french, but fuck me, this isn’t something anyone should miss. Should the world end in 2012, I just hope to whatever higher being there is/isn’t, I get to hear it by the time the rapture takes ahold.

The collaboration is also due to feature Bon Iver drummer and solo artist Sean Carey and Ryan Olson, the producer and mastermind behind Gayngs as well as new band Poliça. As Stereogum have already speculated, Olson would appear to be the link between the two artists.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about Justin Vernon and not mention Bon Iver’s meteoric rise since 2008′s For Emma, Forever Ago, and his subsequent self-titled sophomore release and Grammy wins, but Astronautalis also released easily one of the best records of last year, This Is Our Science. Featured in our own top albums at the end of the year, we here at the Silver Tongue have been keen to hear more of the rapper.

Astronautalis has spoken of the project in a City Pages interview, claiming that the album might not necessarily be exactly what everyone would expect, stating  “There may be tracks where I freestyle for hours and hours, and we may end up using four words.” Whatever they decide to do, we don’t doubt that it will be of great interest.