Lana’s Lively Love Life….

Last month, according to a German gossip column the local Berlin newspaper BZ, Lana Del Rey was spotted sneaking off’ in a hotel lift with Marilyn Manson.

The newspaper reports that they were first spotted having dinner at the city’s Grille Royale restaurant before the Echo Awards, which Manson was performing at in a duet with German metal band Rammstein. A witness claims that they were seen taking the elevator to Manson’s hotel room.

Earlier in the evening, the pair were seen posing for photographs with Barry Manilow. The photo of the three stars was first posted by Missdontcare-x.tumblr.

Now, however, TMZ is romantically linking Del Rey to Axl Rose after they were seen at the Chateau Mormont hotel in Hollywood, before getting into an SUV and driving off together. Del Rey has previously penned a track called ‘Axl Rose Husband,’ which is likely to fuel such rumours.

Lana Del Rey has been linked to many men of recent, so this report should be taken with a pinch of salt. During all this speculation, Lana Del Rey is thought to be dating Barrie O’Neil, frontman of Scottish rock band Kassidy. The pair has reportedly been seeing each other for the last seven months.

Del Rey appears to be a very popular lady, so watch this space.