Listen: Squarepusher – Drax 2

Complementing the recent video debut of “Dark Steering,” Squarepusher released another track off his forthcoming Ufabulum, which is expected to drop May 15th. Below is Squarepusher’s description of “Drax 2.”

As a boy I had a Ladybird book about power stations that I used to re-read every day. I’m obsessed with electrical energy and especially in the vast quantities generated by power stations. The sound of the massive electric motor from a fairground Ferris Wheel has always stayed humming in my head and lots of my synth sounds refer to it, as they do in this piece. From there I tried to generate images of bizarre transitory phenomena that I imagined could be found in the huge furnaces of power stations.

A more thorough interview backed by a live performance of “Drax 2” is also provided below. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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