Morrissey Remains Silent On Smiths Reunion

It was a U.K. trending topic on Twitter for most of yesterday (Thursday) and continues to be a talking point – a supposed reunion of Manchester indie behemoths, The Smiths.

The rumours have since been strenuously denied by two of its former members, Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce, but one person in particular has remained tight-lipped – the normally outspoken frontman, Morrissey. Marr was quick to quash rumours, taking to his Facebook page to write that the rumours were “…untrue. It’s not happening”. Joyce quickly followed, telling The Daily Mirror: “It’s not happening folks, as far as I know – which could be a good thing,”

Currently on a tour of Asia, there has been no indication as to whether Morrissey has even heard the rumours about his former band. Speaking in 2006, the singer was interviewed by Uncut and emphatically stated:

“I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that’s saying something for a vegetarian…”

Watch a live video of The Smiths performing ‘This Charming Man’ in their 80s glory, below:

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